Price Guide

ServicesPrices From 
Boiler Service£68.00 
Fire Service£68.00 
Back boiler & fire front service£136.00 
Boiler repairs (up to 1 hour) plus parts.£68.00Subsequent ½ hourly charge £34.00
Free standing gas/ dual fuel cooker installation£90.00Includes new fittings as required
Built-in gas oven installation£75.00Assuming unit is constructed
Gas hob installation£85.00Assuming worktop is prepared
Gas fire installation£160.00Survey required (no charge)
Supply & fit battery operated CO detector£36.50 
Power flush chemical cleaning (up to 6 radiators)£335.00Includes all chemicals
Power flush chemical cleaning (extra radiators-each)£32.00 
Supply & fit Magnaclean filter£125.00 
Boiler Exchange – Heat only (inc boiler & power flush)POASurvey required (no charge)
Boiler Exchange – Combi (inc boiler & power flush)POASurvey required (no charge)
Ventilation – through wall (inc vent)£125.00 
Ventilation – compartment (inc vent)£85.00 
New heating systemPOASurvey required (no charge)
Landlord/Homeowner  Gas Safety Check (up to 3  appliances)£68.00See web page for details
Landlord/Homeowner Gas Safety Check (extra appliances – each)£7.00 
Discounts for Landlords’ Save 15% when you have a Gas Safety and Boiler Service at the same property.
TRV (Thermostatic radiator valve replacement-1st radiator)£95.00Subsequent at £25 each.
Pump replacement£160.00Subject to isolation valve serviceability & access